What about my Allergies?

      The medical community and carpet cleaning

industry are at opposite ends of the spectrum in

regards to how carpet can play a role in improving

the air quality of indoor areas, as the medical community

is still of the impression that carpet causes more problems

in homes and buildings than any other surface.

    Julie Raggozzino,R.N. with Albany Ear, Nose &

Throat Services, Albany, NY, recommends that her

patients have all carpets removed from their homes.

She says that carpets hold animal dander, dust,

dust mites and mold particles ( which carpet cleaning

pros say is actually proof that carpets are most beneficial

than hardwood floors ), and can harm people that have


   " Carpet just adds so much to the environment as far

as allergy exposure goes," says Raggozzino. " If a person

does have carpet and has the financial ability to remove it,

we recommend that they remove it, especially in their bedroom

where they spend eight hours a day."