It's like using laundry detergent.

Although there may be some products used in

carpet cleaning that people should be cautious

with, most carpet cleaning chemicals are similar

to detergents that would be used to clean clothes,

says Yeadon and Dr.Aziz Ullah, President of

FABPRO, Inc. in Baltimore.

    " In most cases, I think water-based products

are relatively safe, as most of the dangerous chemicals

used by carpet cleaners in the past are no longer

used, " says Ullah. " The chemicals used in carpet

cleaning are very similar to those used to clean clothes."

    Hill says while there are people who may have

reactions to even the most basic of chemicals, most

cleaning chemicals that are used in carpet cleaning are

less toxic and dangerous than what a consumer can

actually buy and put under their sink for their own cleaning

chores at home.

      Commercial products are formulated in professional

strength, but then they are diluted in such quantity that when

the carpet cleaner actually uses them they are not significant

in regards to chemical sensitivity, according to Hill.